Tuesday, January 19, 2010



Improved Newborn and Child Screening for Heritable Disorder Bill

This bill sounds harmless enough, in fact, it sounds like a good idea.  One step closer to finding the problem and the cure.  But, if we take a closer look, this bill was signed in without a stipulation of parental consent.  That might look like a red flag to some.

Why do we care if they screen our newborns, even without our consent.  The following is food for thought:

  1. Babies born in the United States are American citizens and as such, have all the constitutional rights adults have.
  2. Is a national, possible international, database being constructed?  If so, what for.  This information would be invaluable to many sources.  Insurance companies could immediately eliminate coverage for infants that were on the list for inheritable diseases or had certain markers.
  3. DNA testing on an infant indirectly furnishes information on the parents.
  4. Citizens could be subjected to genetic testing without notification and as stated about, without consent.
  5. This information could be, in the future, in the right hands, a means for Euthanasia.  The savings for insurance companies and the government would be phenomenal.  Sounds somewhat familiar.
  6. The database information is secure.  We know, from past experience, this just isn't true.
There's alot more information I'll be adding on this subject.  Just food for thought.

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